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Five Steps to Your Success
Bored, restless and ready to change? 

These five steps will forever change your life. 

Join me to learn how you can turn your dreams of the life, business or career you've always wanted into concrete plans to achieve more passion, happiness and fulfillment.
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Hi, I'm Cindy Galvin, 
Are you at a crossroads in life?
You know what I mean. You’ve been working for years and you’re successful. You’ve got accomplishments you’re proud of; promotions that made you feel recognized for your talent and hard work; accolades and respect from your managers; and you’re making the money you need to support your lifestyle.

But…you have an uneasy feeling that something’s missing in your life and it’s grown to the point where you can’t ignore it any more.

Every day you’re going through the motions. You’re spending more time day-dreaming about what life could be. You see yourself smiling, relaxed and content, working at something that you enjoy and dealing with people you want to deal with.

As you think about this now, it makes you feel good. You feel drawn toward this kind of life. The question is, how do you do it?
Does this sound familiar?
Here’s the truth:  the feelings and day-dreaming are signs that it’s time to change.  

You’ve already proven you know how to be successful. What you need is a proven system that teaches you how to turn those thoughts and feelings into reality.
Sound too good to be true?
I used to think the same until I figured out the fundamentals required to restart a career in a field completely different to anything I’d done before and at an age when many people are content to stay where they are.

I wasted years staying in a job I didn’t like because I feared it would take too long to create a new, successful business and I felt I didn’t have time to waste. 

I worried about the financial risk. 
What if I failed? 
Would I be able to get a similar high profile and well-paying job at my age? 

But I had no choice......

To stay was painful and I’d developed chronic insomnia. I left the company and began researching and studying. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but it was so different to my background that it took a long time to figure out where to start.

Waking up every day knowing you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do and feeling excited to see what the day brings. You’re living your life on your terms and it feels fantastic.… 

"If you're looking for help to plan a new career when you hit the mid-life crossroads of what to do with the rest of your life, I highly recommend this program. 

It has been enjoyable and exceeded my expectations. The videos, additional resources and support materials work well to provide an in-depth learning experience. 

The homework assignments helped me to integrate the program material, which I found extremely useful. Cindy knows what she is talking about!” 

--Marian Bourne, 
Stress Management Consultant, London, UK 

In my More to Give-Five Steps To Success - 12-month transformational program you’ll learn all the things that I’ve used to create several successful businesses. I know this system works but, if you want that same success, you need to be 100% committed to wanting change in your life. If you’re not at that level, then stop reading now.

Your commitment to yourself and to your future is what’s needed to maintain momentum in reaching your goal when times get tough; when you feel like you’ve hit the wall and are tempted to give up and think your ideas are wrong.

I can’t give you that commitment to change, but if you’re there now, I will build on this and show you different ways you can maintain it so you come out the other end knowing with certainty and confidence that you're on the right path to having the life you want!

By doing the work, you’ll become clearer about what your vision is. You’ll learn to tackle the fears and negative thoughts that will keep you from achieving your dreams. 
As psychologist Carl Jung said

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Are you ready to wake up and have the life you want?
It’s impossible to put a price on the happiness you’ll have once you’re doing what you want to do and working with people you choose to work with. You’ll feel on top of the world and doing what you’re meant to do. What incredible freedom and satisfaction that is!

If you’re a woman who’s reached the crossroads of life and wants to make that change, this is your time to seize the opportunity.

True fact:  this is the ONE program that will take you step-by-step through the process of creating the life you want.

Stop wasting time!

Get clarity about what you want to do.

Find your true passion and purpose.

Learn how to change the thoughts holding you back.

Boost confidence anytime and anywhere.

Know how to stay accountable and committed throughout the process.

Step into the life and career that will fill you with purpose, passion and fulfillment! 

The More to Give - Five Steps To Success - 12-month transformational program includes:


Learn what to expect from the course and how to get the most out of it. In this module you’ll start being introduced to a wide range of exercises to help you change your mindset to achieve the life you want. 

The beauty of these exercises is that they’ll help you with the course but are tools and techniques that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life!

Congruent CLARITY

Having a warm, fuzzy feeling doesn’t help you. This isn’t about creating vision boards and standing back to let the universe deliver the goods. It’s you knowing with unwavering confidence that your dream is congruent with your life, values and beliefs. You’ll get clear on what you want and reverse engineer it to break it down to stop feeling overwhelmed by what you want to achieve.

Result: be the person who has a laser focus on what she wants

Charismatic CONFIDENCE

Be that woman. The one standing tall, carrying herself proudly and knowing where she’s going, why and that she has a roadmap of who she’ll get there.  

But, hey, everyone has days when self doubt and the imposter syndrome creep in. And that’s OK because you’ll learn how to identify thoughts and beliefs that are unconsciously sabotaging your success and what to do with them when you do.

After the course, you’ll know exactly how to directly influence your brain so your mind stays focused on what’s important to you.

Result: moving forward with purpose and strength


 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
I will make sure you are continually moving forward by helping you overcome fears and trepidation. You will not be left behind in the course. You’ll learn and understand the neuroscience of why taking one step, whatever that is, changes your brain chemistry and gives you the boost and motivation to keep taking more steps. You’ll identify and remove fears that are holding you back so you can continue moving forward.

 Result: see the changes you’re making


No one succeeds on their own, and that’s why you need to understand who the best mentors are to guide you as you build your new life and career. 

You’ll learn how to find the best mentors for you and how to approach them so they’ll be happy to join your network. You’ll also learn when it’s time to change your network so it continues to work for you, even after you’ve achieved your dream! 

Result: build your network to support you for life


Stepping into the new life you’ve designed will fill you with happiness and passion, so wanting to share what you’ve learned is natural. I’ll show you the how and why your brain will react positively the more you give back. How to do this is an individual exercise, and I’ll help you figure out what works the best for you.

Result: Feel good about sharing your knowledge with those less privileged or knowledgeable than you.


During these modules we cover the Five Core Steps to Success as outlined above. These will be broken down into twice monthly, easy to follow sessions.

2 X MONTHLY LIVE Q&A SESSIONS - (Value - £6,997)
The goal of the program is to help you move forward and these live Q&A sessions are here to help guide you and ensure you get the most out of the worksheets and training. You'll get your questions answered, gain support and overcome obstacles that may arise as you work through the material.

Access to worksheets teaming with valuable insights into how to program your mind to work for you.   These worksheets were created after years of studying neuroscience and other brain-related work.  

GUIDED VISUALISATIONS –  (Value - £295.00)
Listening to these recordings continually will rewire your brain to overcome some of the more common blocks that arise when we want to create change. 

Join my private Facebook community where I empower women just like you to make the change they want to have the life they want. I share exclusive content with the community and provide support.

During the program I will introduce you to 3 to 4 Experts in their fields to give you specialised training in their zones of genius to support you in creating the life you truly desire.


SPECIAL BONUS 3 Private, Deep-Dive Therapy Sessions with Cindy - Tailored Specifically for you to help remove issues that are holding you back from reaching the change you want ....(To be used when you need them the most)....Cindy has training in a wide range of techniques and will consult with you and decide which one/s will be most effective. 

 PLUS An Initial Goal Setting and Vision Planning Session so you're clear on what you want from the program and can track that you've achieved it. 

Here's What Others Say About Working with Cindy...

"This program is fun, practical and loaded with useful information and strategies. It's a must for anyone who's read the book and wants more. Learn to change the way you think to achieve success. It’s different to other courses out there and really leads you to success."  

Nancy Cramer, Leadership and Sales consultant, Vail, CO

“I liked the book and wasn't sure what more I’d gain from the course, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The high quality of Cindy's materials and videos is motivating. I found that many of the assignments were designed in a way that made them relevant to situations I face in business every day. I highly recommend this course both as a step towards learning more about yourself and overcoming obstacles and to help launch a new career.”

 Allan Yarish, Director, Juno Finance, London, UK

"This is an interesting and informative course that's different to others I've experienced. There are numerous resources to help as you go through each module. I recommend this for anyone who's interested in learning how to reposition themselves for a successful career later in life."  

John Clemes, CEO and business owner, London, UK

“I found the course to be interesting, intuitive to navigate and provides a nice mix of homework you can complete at your own pace. It was fun, and I felt engaged throughout. It’s definitely worth looking into to learn more about yourself, your goals and what your new career can be."  

 Marcie A., Team Leader Analytics, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re serious about change, how much more time are you going to waste thinking about what you want to do and not moving toward it?

Where will you be five years from now if you stay where you are versus where you’ll be if you take action today and bring your visions to life?
Join my More to Give - The Five Steps to Success - 12 month transformational program.

I'll help guide you through the change you truly desire, whether that's about starting your own business, getting the career you've always dreamed of or just stepping out to do something completely new - just for you!

You can create change and transform with ease and flow.


Meet Your Host, Cindy Galvin

Cindy's had four careers she never planned that led to an incredibly exciting and diverse life and learning experience. She knows what's required to successfully shift career focus, launch and build companies and start over. 

She was in her '50s when she left a lucrative, global management role to follow the dream of helping people, like her, who were successful but feeling drawn toward doing something more fulfilling. 

She’s a best-selling author, clinical hypnotherapist, licensed trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified in numerous coaching programs and licensed to practice various therapies. 

In her early career, Cindy fell into the role of investigative reporter, having never intended to be a reporter but born with the gift of writing well.  She moved from Chicago to New York City to cover the nuclear fuel industry for McGraw-Hill and at 29 was sought out to help launch a nuclear fuel brokerage business that in less than one year forever changed the way commercial nuclear fuel products were priced. 

Over 10 years later she launched her own consulting company, moving first to Johannesburg and then to London. She eventually joined a company in the energy trading industry where she became the first female manager of a price reporting division. In time Cindy created the global managing editor role overseeing the company's then largest and highest revenue generating division. 

Her business acumen includes managing large, global teams, creating sales and marketing plans, working on compliance and governance documentation and helping ease the transition of new teams created by mergers and acquisitions.  Throughout her career, Cindy has focused on communication as the key to creating good relationships and team dynamics. 

Cindy is a best-selling author and is frequently asked to contribute to other books. She was honored to write a chapter for the book America’s Leading Ladies, whose other authors include Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates. She regularly writes about neuroscience and how anyone can learn to harness the power of their brain to bring about incredible change in their life and is passionate about helping people realize they can believe in a life with unlimited possibility.

Cindy is a straight-talking American who believes anyone can achieve what they want given the right tools and encouragement.
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